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    Learn everything about your new home BEFORE you buy it. All HITA Inspectors are licensed by the State of Tennessee. Not only do they have to pass tests to get licensed, but are required to complete Continuing Education classes each year.


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Press Releases

Press Releases

Murfreesboro, TN, August 5, 2011:
Home Inspectors of Tennessee Association, Inc. Announces
Officers and Board of Directors for 2011/2012

The Home Inspectors of Tennessee Association, Inc held elections at its annual business

meeting  Saturday August 5, 2011 in Murfreesboro.  The following officers were elected:

  • Mr. Larry Fowler of Knoxville, TN: President
  • Mrs. Melanie Moore of Chattanoga, TN: Vice-President
  • Mr. Brent Voss of Hendersonville, TN:  Secretary/Treasurer

The following Members were elected to the Board of Directors:

  1. Mr. David Crowe of Knoxville, TN: representing East Tennessee
  2. Mr. Lex Hudson of Brentwood, TN: representing Middle Tennessee
  3. Mr. Jerry Attaway of Cordova, TN: representing West Tennessee

To find a member in your area go to the roster listed on the HITA website at www.HITA.us

The Home Inspectors of Tennessee Association, Inc. is a nonprofit association of state licensed

home inspectors. The objectives of the Association are: 1) promote better relations between

Realtors, public organizations, their agents, and the general public; 2) maintain high professional

standards, in the conduct of work; 3) combat unfair practices; 4) encourage efficiency among all

our inspectors; 5) encourage those methods of contracting for work - which relieve inspectors of

improper risks; 6) encourage sound businesslike methods tending to raise the standards of all

inspectors generally in the business world; 7) strive for harmonious and economically justifiable

relations with employees; 8) cooperate with other associations of its type; 9) and promote

continuing education for the membership and the industry.

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